our mission 

Here at Bronzed by Bloom we take pride in putting our clients first. Our main goal is to ensure that each client has the most comfortable and positive experience from the moment that they arrive at our salon. Our aim is to become a trustworthy leader in the sunless tanning industry by ensuring an inclusive environment and by helping all clients to achieve their sunless tanning goals.

We dedicate our resources to help educate and spread awareness on the negative effects of consistent sun exposure by expanding our training academy and facility to help contribute to the growth of the sunless tanning industry. 

Our mantra is #staygold. Our passion is to help clients radiate gold on the inside and on the outside. To achieve this we will always provide an experience that is comfortable, safe, inclusive and never judgmental.  Most importantly, we will always strive to ensure that each and every client leaves our salon with a smile on their face.