BRONZED by bloom
  • 3 hour + Express Tan

  • IG famous Glow

  • Infused with Witch Hazel & Caffeine 

  • Water Based Solution - Hydrating for skin

  • No stickiness, after smell and will not stain or Streak.



Our Bronzed by Bloom Signature Solution is our SALON PICK for the most suitable solution for all skin types! It's our original Tan Solution 

(available for sale to fellow technicians

THE TAN THAT WON'T SWEAT OFF. Made to complement your beautiful skin this unique formulation is perfect for the summer because it allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of taking it off. Toronto's favourite water based tan is a one-of-a-kind bronzing treatment, supercharged with antioxidants to restore your skins hydration, whilst revitalizing the skin. The weightless formula absorbs quickly to lock in moisture, while essential ingredients such as Witch Hazel soothe dry areas and improve overall skin texture and tone. The boost in hydration and caffeine replenishes the skin while 

simultaneously tightening the skin for an overall 10/10 tan! Our signature solution works as a natural moisturizer while delivering a fast, rich super dark brown skin finish. 

BRONZED BY BLOOM SIGNATURE SOLUTION suits all skin types and tones for those wanting an intensely hydrating, rich, super dark brown skin finish.

No orange tones | No fake tan smell | Canada's iconic beach bronze

pre tan instructions

Here at Bronzed by Bloom we take our tanning very seriously! 

Please follow these essential steps PRIOR to booking your appointment to ensure you get the most out of you tan game! 

- SHOWER & EXFOLIATE: Shower at least 4 hours prior to your tan! Exfoliating your skin is an essential step to your spray tan this well help ensure that we are working on fresh skin and help guarantee a flawless result + even fade out.

- NO CREAM OR OILS ON THE SKIN: Cream and oil on the skin can work as a barrier and disallow the D.H.A to adhere to the skin causing the biochemical reaction to not process. By having anything on your skin including makeup might result into a tan that did not develop. 


- WEAR DARK LOOSE CLOTHING: Your choice of clothing is EXTREMELY essential to your tan process - super tight and fitting clothing can result into damaging your tan, causing streaks or unevenness. We always suggest to wear dark and loose clothing to ensure no D.H.A gets rubbed off the skin.

- IN INCLEMENT WEATHER: If it is raining, remember to bring an umbrella and cover up your skin! Any interaction with liquid or water before the development time will result in white streaks. 

- PLEASE NOTE: Bronzed by Bloom does not suggest to ever book a tan for the FIRST TIME before a wedding or big event. We suggest our clients to always book a trial ahead of time. 

POST tan instructions

Here at Bronzed by Bloom we take our tanning very seriously! 

Please follow these essential steps AFTER your tan appointment to ensure you get the most out of you tan game! 

- WAIT TO SHOWER: Development time is critical when it comes to self tanning - please follow the instructions given to you by your Tan Artist in regard to what time to shower. We also suggest to always have a QUICK shower in LUKE/WARM OR MORE CHILLED WATER oppose to hot water for the first wash to help allow the D.H.A to develop correctly. NO SOAP for the first wash and wait 24 hours from your appointment time to use soap. NEVER USE DOVE SOAP!

- COSMETIC GUIDE: Your tan that you leave the salon with is in fact not your tan, the instant bronzer you see is a cosmetic guide for our artists to be able to see. Please be advised that guide will wash off with your first rinse so expect your shower water to be extra brown ;) don't fret - you are not washing off your tan! On that note we want to also warn you it is normal to appear as if you are getting extremely darker through out your day - you are not. It is simply your tan developing under neath, so relax and enjoy the process cause your on your way to being a beautiful tanned goddess. 

- MANICURES, PEDICURES & WAXING MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO YOUR TAN - Please refrain from having mani's and pedi's done after your tan if you must please only do a dry service as the excessive soaking and products used will cause your tan to fade out in those areas. NEVER get a wax done after a spray tan appointment.

- NO SWEATING & SWIMMING : During your development time of your spray tan it is essential that you do not get your skin wet in any way possible as it will deactivate the process. Please do not; work out, swim, spend time in the sun, spill water during your development tan time. 

- MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE: It is a must and we cannot stress this enough, without proper moisturization you might find yourself with a spray tan that cracks - leaving alligator skin. Please moisturize after your daily shower and if you want to really have a flawless fade out - moisturize before bed. 

- PLEASE NOTE: Bronzed by Bloom solutions are NOT SPFS. When using SPFS refrain from any areole products as the the alcohol can remove the tan. 

We highly recommend to always wear sunscreen when outside or on vacation. Skin cancer is a real thing and we want all our clients to stay safe always if you want more information about melanoma and the risks of sun exposure please check out the Skin Cancer page at


- We do require a credit card upon booking any appointment. 

- BBB has a strict 48 hour cancelation policy. 

- Prior to 48 hours, any bookings may be re booked free of charge. 

- Any bookings cancelled or rescheduled after 48 hours *unless rescheduled for a different time slot within the same day ( if available) will result to a full charge.

The BBB team is always here to accommodate you the best we can!