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The Most Iconic Online Game Characters of All TimeThe Most Iconic Online Game Characters of All Time

From apes to space hamsters, there’s no shortage of iconic online game  characters. Here, BAFTA Games celebrates some of the best from over two decades of play, bringing together characters that are instantly recognisable and instantly iconic.

Released in 1980, เดิมพันกีฬาโปรดของคุณกับ UFABET168 Pac-Man revolutionised gaming. Two years previously Space Invaders had introduced a ship in peril and an alien onslaught but this little yellow fellow – and his even more popular girlfriend, Ms Pac-Man – offered players something new. Gamers had a controllable, human-like character who was hungry for those pesky white dots and whose story is as enduring as any other from the golden age of gaming.

The Most Iconic Online Game Characters of All Time

With a ginger mane, thick-rimmed glasses and a PhD in Theoretical Physics, Gordon Freeman is the antithesis of the usual gun-toting FPS heroes. Despite being a self-proclaimed first class nerd, he’s capable of defending the universe against inter-dimensional invaders and squads of well-armed government goons. He’s also a kick-ass action hero with a wry sense of humour.

Whether she’s fighting cyborgs in the depths of Rapture or slaying a whole city full of pig-headed goons in Los Santos, Samus is one of gaming’s most enduring and recognisable female icons. Her sexy thighs, acrobatic moves and ‘do-it-yourself’ armour have helped her become one of the most beloved female game protagonists since her debut in 1986.